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"We Are Passionate About Great Design"


  • Solving challenging and complex problems through creative design and engineering solutions

  • Creating projects and products where success depends on great design

  • Integrating intuitive functionality and elegant ergonomics

  • Advancing exceptional visual design and experiential use

  • Creating objects, places and experiences of timeless integrity

  • Taking the mundane and creating unexpected delight

  • Creative decision making to achieve quality design and project integrity on limited budgets

Vision Works Design Lab


The Vision Works Design Lab at STUDIO FINDLEY DESIGN tackles conceptual and theoretical design problems to find solutions that advance innovation, research, and practical applications.  Exploration is done in an environment unconstrained by everyday preconceptions or boundaries.


The American Legion Bridge Concept Design featured on our website is a Vision Works Design Lab product.

How We Work


We work in many ways, most often in a consulting role as the lead design consultant or a supporting project design consultant, We can also work with you and your team behind the scenes in total confidentiality. 

Architecture & Planning

We provide project and design expertise to individuals, companies, organizations, or other entities with limited experience or knowledge of creative and successful architectural, planning, interior design, or construction processes.

Product & Industrial Design


Our passion for design comes through in many areas: product, industrial, automotive, and clothing design.


IT Interface Design and Functionality Validation


We assist information technology companies in the design of graphical user interfaces for software products across all industries and platforms.  In addition, we provide focus group testing of products to achieve optimal product functionality and intuitive ergonomics.

Design and Consulting Fees


Hourly Rate for Design and Consulting Services in 2024 is $1,125/hour + Expenses.

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